Which cities have the most Michelin stars in the world

We look up at the infinite firmament of Michelin stars to discover which are the cities with the most decorations to their credit. One more year, the prestigious gastronomic guide takes us to Japan to reveal the two cities gathering the most stars in the world are located there.
Gion district (Kyoto, 2020)

In the competitive world of haute cuisine, not only restaurants or chefs compete for merit and recognition, but also countries, regions and cities. Especially when it comes such an internationally prestigious gastronomic publication as the Michelin Guide, with awards as appreciated as their stars.

That is why, at times, a question arises: Which are the cities with the most Michelin stars? The answer to this question can be found, yet another year, in Tokyo and Kyoto, two Japanese metropolis that hold the most Michelin stars worldwide. But how many celestial bodies are we talking about here? Which other cities complete the list of most recognized places in this famous gastronomic guide?

Tokyo and Kyoto, reigning the Michelin firmament

Leading the list of cities with the most stars in the world is Tokyo, a gastronomic milestone kept for more than a decade. In total, there are 202 starred restaurants included in Tokyo’s Michelin Guide for 2022. As a result, for yet another year, the capital of Japan is at the top of the Michelin gastronomic podium.

Dish from Restaurant L’Osier L’Osier

Amongst them, a grand total of 12 restaurants have three stars. Unlike with the previous edition, there are no new additions. A total of 41 restaurants make up the list of Tokyo's two-star restaurants, including three new additions: Chef Satoru Asahina’s Asahina Gastronome, Sugita Chef Takaaki Sugita’s Nihombashi-kakigaracho, and Crony, headed by Chef Michihiro Haruta.

Finally, among the novelties of this edition, 21 restaurants receive one Michelin star, amounting to a total of 149. One of them is the Japanese restaurant Sorahana, which offers healthy cuisine, or the French restaurant Nuœud Tokio, which also received the Green Star distinction.

This is how the bottom-line figures for the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2022 look like: 12 restaurants with three stars (no novelty as per 2021 edition), 41 with two stars (three new ones), 149 establishments with one star (21 new additions), 229 restaurants Bib Gourmand and 14 with the Michelin Green Star distinction.

L’Osier Prep L’Osier

As claimed by Gwendal Poullennec, Michelin Guides International Director, “Tokyo has always had a prominent place among the Michelin Guides, and our inspectors have been continually impressed by the gastronomic excellence displayed by the restaurants in this city.”

And we go from Tokyo to the second city with the most Michelin stars in the world, Kyoto, with a grand total of 108 restaurants. The sum in Kyoto city would therefore be as follows: 6 restaurants with three Michelin stars (two new ones compared to the previous year), 19 restaurants with two stars, 83 restaurants with one, 99 Bib Gourmand restaurants and 6 with the Green Star distinction. After Tokyo and Kyoto, the two cities with the most stars in the world, we have Osaka and its 206 starred restaurants.

Presentation of Yuba by Nozomi Nozomi Sushi Bar

Without a doubt, the capital of the Rising Sun continues to rise as one of the most attractive gastronomic destinations in the world. Its recognition by the Michelin Guide only reinforces even more, if possible, the fact that the culinary culture, the fusion between tradition and innovation, and the good gastronomic work of Japan still has a lot to offer.